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Place Mogogosiek Baby Home

Age 3

The mother who is now deceased had been ailing for a very long time. The deceased had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and she could not do anything on her own and so the husband was the one taking care of her. Gladys had been admitted to Tenwek Mission Hospital but the doctors and the nurses having known that she would only live for a short time decided to take her to her home while they did the Palliative-Hospice care. It was during these visits to Gladys’ home when the Doctor and the nurse realized that she was pregnant and so they advised her to be going to Kaplong Mission Hospital for clinics. The doctor from Tenwek made sure that she ate well and that also the condition of the child was okay.

During Delivery, Gladys delivered through a normal delivery and the child weighed 2.4kgs. It was after 21 days of delivery that Gladys succumbed to death at Kaplong Mission Hospital. Emmanuel was left under the care of the father, but the father was also sick and depressed to the point of paralyzing because he had seen his wife ailing and he was the one taking care of her until her death. Emmanuel at his tender age was now left under the care of his grandmother who is old. The Nurses from Tenwek Mission Hospital came to our Institution and told us the whole situation and Emmanuel was brought to us.