Virginia - Sponsor Now


Place Mogogosiek Baby Home

Age 6

Virginia was found abandoned in a rental house within Othaya Township in Central parts of Kenya. According to the report we were given is that the Mother of Virginia used to lock her inside the house for some days and then she could come back after some time, the child could stay in that house for some days, locked in without food. Then the neighbors reported the matter to the police when they say that the child had been locked in the house for about one week and the police responded quickly to rescue the child. The police had to look for a Charitable ChildI nsitition around there and so they approached the Manager at AIC Mahiga Children’sHome. The police committed the child at Mahiga for three years but since the child was too young than the children at Mahiga, he then requested that the Child be brought to AIC Mogogosiek Baby home since she could find her age mates. According to the Social Worker at Mahiga Children’s home who brought the child to our Home, she said that the mother of the child had not been found but investigations were going on.